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Awesome compliment!
Baby Animals!
Eggs & Spring Time
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Awesome compliment!

I received an email the other day from a customer who purchased a few dozen eggs and some frozen chickens from me a few months ago. In her email she said the following, and after asking permission I am sharing it with you.

"I wanted to tell you that my dad grew up on a farm - his dad was a farmer. The farm and working with his father was, of course, an enormous part of my dad's life. My grandfather has been dead for 14 years and the farm is no longer a working farm. My dad said the eggs from you are as good as the ones he had from their farm.


Meet Clarabelle, she is a Holstein heifer, and the newest addition to Chronister Farms, LLC. She is due to calve in a few weeks and then will be producing milk for our family. I am looking forward to making butter and ice cream and learning how to make sour cream, cottage cheese, and cheese from our own milk. There is nothing better than fresh, raw milk;the way nature intended it! I was raised on it, my dad was raised on it, and so was his dad; I am glad we will soon be producing our own milk for my nephews and niece to drink too.

Baby Animals!

It is already the third of May and there is lots of new life on the farm. I have 3 calves that were born in the last 6 days, my first batch of broilers out on grass, another batch of broilers in the brooder, and 5 week old Rottweiler puppies creating havoc. This is my favorite time of year; green grass and baby animals!

I will have broilers available for purchase in approximately 3 weeks, if you are interested please reserve your now. Rottweiler puppies ready to go to new homes in another 3 weeks as well.

Eggs & Spring Time

I am so excited; I've been getting just shy of 3 dozen eggs a day, my chickens are enjoying the fresh green grass that is finally starting to grow, my sheep are looking like they are pregnant and so are my cows. I have my first order of baby broiler (meat) chicks coming in the mail within a couple weeks. I am loving this weather; the sun and the grass that is getting greener by the day, I hope it lasts!!!! I hope everyone is enjoying this wonderful weather as much as my animals and I are!

A New Chapter

On Monday I turned in my 2 week notice at work, this Friday will be my last day. I am really looking forward to this new chapter and having the time to really focus on the farm and hopefully getting to some Farmer's Markets to expand my business. I have so many ideas of what to do with my new found time, so I am looking forward to getting a To-Do List put together and to start checking things off. It will be great to see what improvements I can get accomplished!

Thinking Spring!

The weather really doesn't feel like winter, other than a few days; not that I am complaining,I just wish it actually were spring. Spring means green grass, sunny skies, and baby animals here on the farm. I have placed all of my chick orders for the year already, I have turkeys ordered as well. My St. Croix Hair Ewes should be bred and due to lamb in May or June. I am very excited and a little nervous about lambing, since this will be my first experience. I am also looking forward to getting more feeder pigs and attempting, this year, to get them out on pasture.

Price of Beef Increased

As much as I hate to do this, I have to increase the price of my beef. Due to the increase of corn, even though I don't feed it, the cost of cattle and beef has gone up in stores and in sale barns, therefore I also have to raise my prices. As I am trying to build my herd I have to purchase new heifers and a new bull, which is going to cost me more than it would have cost in past years. I am trying to make my farm profitable or at least break even so I have to pass this increase onto my customers.

Broilers, Eggs, and Turkeys

I have my first batch of broilers started for the year; they will be ready the week of May 22nd. I hope to have a batch ready every 2-4 weeks from now until October or November. The layers are almost all laying every day; I have 37 layers and got 32 eggs today, so I have extra eggs for anyone interested.
Also, before we know it July will be here and I will have my turkeys. This year I am planning on raising 36, unless I get more reserved orders than that. I will be raising the White Broad-Breasted Turkeys, like I have raised the last 2 years but I am also adding Midget White Turkeys. This should allow me to provide more size options to you my customers. The Midget Whites should range from 12-20 pounds, while the Broad-Breasted range from 25-45 pounds. Please remember that if you would like to ensure that you have your Thanksgiving turkey that you reserve no later than June 1st.


Spring is almost here and today really felt like it; it was such a beautiful day today! The peepers were peeping, the grass is greening up, and it was sunny and warm. Unfortunately, according to my dad it might snow on Wednesday...yuck!!!
The chickens are happier with the warmer weather and longer days. I am now getting about 1 1/2-2 dozen eggs a if anyone is interested, email me or give me a call, I have extra eggs for sale.
I've ordered 55 broiler chicks, they will be delivered sometime the week of the 28th.

Disney & Gardening

As a member of Farm Bureau’s Young Agricultural Professional Advisory Team (YAPAT) I had the opportunity to go to Orlando, Florida for The Young Farmer and Rancher Conference (FY&R). It was a very packed schedule but ended up being very enjoyable. I flew into Florida on Thursday and since we were staying at a Disney Resort, I was taken right to the resort form the airport and my luggage was to be delivered to my room; I showed up around 10pm but my luggage didn’t show up until 1:30am. That made for a very late night before a VERY busy day!
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