Chronister Farms, LLC - Products
Chronister Farms, LLC - Pasture Raised Poultry & Beef
    Brown & Green Mixed: $3.00/dozen (mixed sizes & ungraded)
Broilers (Meat Chickens)
    Approximately 3-4 pounds: $3.00/pound
        Whole, vacuum sealed: No additional charge
        Halved, vacuum sealed: $0.50/bird
        Quartered, vacuum sealed: $0.75/bird
        Pieces, vacuum sealed: $1.00/bird
        Pieces, tray: $1.50/bird
Pre-order by June 1st to reserve your turkey for 2011.
     Broad Breasted Whites:Approximately 20-30 pounds: $3.00/pound
    Holland Whites: Approximately 15-20 pounds: $3.50/pound
          Whole, bagged: No additional charge
          Whole, vacuum sealed: $0.25/bird
          Halved, vacuum sealed: $0.50/bird
          Quartered, vacuum sealed: $0.75/bird
          Pieces, vacuum sealed: $1.00/bird
    Ground Turkey also available; contact for pricing.
    Whole, Half, or Quarter: call for availability
          $2.00/pound (hanging weight) - Paid to Chronister Farms, LLC
          Plus processing and wrap charges - Paid to Chamberlain Farms
    By the pound:
          Lean Ground Beef: $3.50/pound
          Various Cuts - As available, Price Varies
     Whole, Half, or Quarter: $2.50/pound hanging weight
     By the pound - As Available, Price Varies
St.Croix Hair Sheep -Coming 2012
     Sheep for breeding and meat; call for availability.
Mixed Freezer Box
     Approximately a months worth of various cuts of beef, chicken,
     and pork. Ground turkey and lamb as available.
    Round Bales - mixed grass, clover & alfalfa: $20.00/bale
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